Sealed Energy Systems

Turnkey Solution for Autonomous Energy

Turnkey Solution for Autonomous Energy

Our strategic focus in providing customized turn-key solutions resulted in becoming active in the autonomous energy system sector.

With an increasing need of providing energy to remote areas or to sites with limited or no connection to the power system, SES has focussed in providing customized turn-key solutions for an autonomous energy systems. We expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of these systems.

Our solutions always aim at fully covering your energy needs (electric loads), whilst in parallel at ensuring uninterruptible and continuous power supply.

Applications :
  • Supply of electric power to houses in remote village
  • Air-conditioning
  • Health services support
  • Telecom applications (repeaters and micro-BTS)
  • IT applications
  • Military applications
  • Water pumping
  • Gas and oil industries
  • Quality Features & Product Benefits
  • High energy performance
  • High quality equipment
  • Minimization of power supply failures
  • Îasy installation
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Long life
  • Reliability and safety
  • Τechnical Features
  • Optimum combination of renewable and conventional energy sources
  • Ability to expand system's power
  • Equipment certification according to international standards
  • Added Value Services

Our specialized and qualified renewables energy team is a guarantee for receiving continuous support and enjoying excellent customer service. We support you in every phase of the project throughout its life-cycle.

Our customers need a battery partner they can rely on and SES ensures that safety, reliability, high performance and ease of use are designed into the product from the start, it is this approach that ensures that our customers stay ahead of the competition.