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Lithium Primary Batteries

Lithium Primary Batteries

The consideration for primary batteries is clear - combat readiness require immediate response, therefore, immediate availability of full and consistent power, no charging and priming before use - dictates the use of primary batteries that have no voltage delays, even after long storage periods.

The implementation of modern lithium batteries significantly increased power density and reduced weight, when compared to earlier alkaline and carbon-zinc technology. One such technology is Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li/SO2) primary battery technology. Another such technology is lithium-manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) constructed as a laminated, aluminized pouch that offers high energy density.  SES for the last many years had developed a numerous primary battery products for military, industrial and healthcare industries :

In our production we produce both type custom and standard batteries. For our batteries we have access to quality cells so that our batteries can achieve the highest level of performance in your application. We are independent of specific cell technologies, manufacturers and sizes. We are typically assembling below two Lithium chemistries :

  • Lithium Sulphur Dioxide Batteries, (LiSO2)
  • Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries, (LiMnO2)


Features :

  • Shelf life : 10 years.

  • Spiral construction leads to low internal impedance.

  • Built-in PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) to protect battery from external short circuit.

  • Burst-proof venting holes permit safe release of battery internal pressure.

  • Leakage proof.

  • Wide operating temperature range : -40oC to +60oC.

  • Low self discharge at 1% per year.

  • Environmental friendly.

  • Comply with UL and UN38.3 safety requirements.


Why Ses :

  • We have developed primary batteries with fuel gauge facility.
  • We can design storage energy solutions with primary batteries.
  • Safety circuits and devices are designed to protect primary battery from misuse at site.
  • More features and functions please contact at below address 

  • Lithium Primary Battery (BA 5347 U)

  • Lithium Primary Battery (BA 5590 AU)

  • Lithium Primary Battery (BA 5800)

  • Lithium Primary Battery (PRB01)

  • Lithium Primary Battery (Star- S2480)

  • Lithium Primary Battery (Star- S12150)