Sealed Energy Systems

Energy Storage System Unit Batteries

The rack-mounted system with SES Li-ion modules offers a modular approach for energy storage schemes in smart buildings and smart distribution grids. Multiples of this 5kWh Li-ion battery module building blocks to around 50kWh energy. And upto 100 kW power can be associated for a flexible solution to the various power and energy requirements.

Applications we can address :

  • Telecom Tower
  • Mini & Micro Grids
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Home & Industrial Inverter
  • Vehicle Mount Storage energy
  • Rail Air Conditioning & Lighting

The system integrates power, safety, management and communications functions into a standalone battery system. It offers the benefits of a Li-ion technology in a qualified industrial design battery module, combining high operational reliability and life.

At SES we develop Li-Ion batteries and systems with integrated computerized Battery Management Systems (BMS) as an integral part. All the Battery Management System models allow for charge and discharge control of every single cell, cell-temperature control and cell balancing of each single cell in charge, discharge and idle mode. The Battery Management Systems use a triple security system based on a combination of software and hardware security. 

An integrated MOSFET based safety breaker prevents shorts. SES Battery Management Systems ensure you the safe and convenient use of intelligent lithium battery technology.  

As an extra feature, SES Li-Ion Batteries are equipped with a diagnostic output that is accessible via your laptop. It offers you an extensive update on the system, the condition of battery packs, charge cycle statistics, and various other real time information.