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Established in 1990, Sealed Energy Systems is dedicated to research, development and production of Valve Regulated (Sealed) Lead Acid Batteries.

Sealed Energy Systems is a part of group of companies with diversified interests. SES is active in extensive R&D work, coupled with guidance of high technology area groups.

Today, SES is working hard to introduce his Ultra Thin Metal Film Batteries.

Ultra Thin Metal Film Batteries

An improved rechargeable electrochemical cell having superior recharge and discharge capabilities characterized by the use of ultra-thin non-perforated negative and positive films of lead in lead acid battery systems. Such electrochemical cells being further characterized by improved terminal connector that provides a low-resistance, low-heat producing connection for rapid discharge applications.

The said battery will be having porous positive and negative plates, each having major faces and formed of an ultra-thin non-perforate film of metal partially coated with a layer of electrochemically active paste.

A porous, compressible separator interposed between said positive and negative plates. The said plates will have a a thickness of less than 0.05 mm.

This electrochemical cell will demonstrate dramatic improvements in recharge/discharge capabilities over batteries produced with conventional methods.

Maximum current capability is increased and the current value remains at near its maximum throughout a longer period of its discharge profile. Recharge times are also reduced dramatically. Recharge can be accomplished at up to 5C (or five times the amperage of the battery), as long as the battery is not overcharged.

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